Superhot Store | Taubaté Inauguration

Superhot Store | Taubaté Inauguration

Chalenge yourself today

There’s only two things that makes us buying: need or desire. But what if the Brand’s concept are presented in a innovative way, providing such pleasant experience that awake another motivation for it ?

Our plans go way further than just being a Fitness Clothing store for women. The SUPERHOT | Concept representes a woman empowerment temple. In days where “hot” can be a pejorative attribution for women, we want to show the whole world that we can be much more, we can be SUPERHOT!
After 5 years of unstoppable hard work and 45 countries conquered, we inaugurate our first store, in Vale do Paraíba’s heart, most industrialized region in Brazil, in Taubaté/SP city.

Besides a better position to expose the brand, we’ll be able to understand and analyze the daily challenges behind more than 300 multibrand shops worldwide. This know-how will lead us to develop more assertive collections and even more desired products.

Soon we’ll be inaugutaring a even special store: our factory store EXCLUSIVE for wholesale partners. Wait for the News…

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