Danila Lima Ambassador

Danila Lima Ambassador

Superhot Ambassador

Danila Lima

My name is Danila Lima, unofficial athlete, but athlete in soul, whatever the sport. For me, training has never depended on time or place. I was always competitive and always loved to challenge my limits. I love sports: Boxing, Muay Thai, Street Racing, Swimming, Bodybuilding, have always been part of my routine.

I currently set up a studio in my home where I practice functional training and boxing. I’m a motivated person. When I’m 70, I’ll be the lady in the sweater running in the park …

I met the Superhot brand when I opened Danfit Store, where I work with the best brands in the fitness market, and of course I fell in love with the brand’s Style. It gives me that energy through the clothes and the desire to train and feel good about myself.

Being invited to be a brand ambassador is a personal and professional accomplishment ! I’m extremely happy because I see myself in brand identity, as they put the personality, attitude and strength in the collections. I hope to always contribute to this team that, for me, is the No. 1 in segment ! I’m SUPERHOT!

Women like Danila Lima, who inspire us every day to develop our collections.

Powerful women, who rise to conquer their space. Join the team!


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