June 2018

Juju Salimeni Superhot

Juju Salimeni Inspired Collection for Dynamics and Modern Women

Inspiration for many women throughout Brazil, the athlete and tv presenter Juju Salimeni, photographs for her sportswear brand. She was important in the development of the models and helped us to creates a new line of products inspired by modern and dynamic women. Soon, a preview will be available in the best sporting stores around the world!

February 2018

Aline Riscado Brazilian Model

New summer collection by Aline Riscado

The new beach fashion collection of Superhot is the face of the hottest season. And we could not think of anyone other than the muse of summer, Aline Riscado, to represent the brand’s new models and start the year of 2018 with all the power resulting from this newest partnership! When we think of a person to carry the name Superhot not only in the body, but in the soul, we think of someone who has the same characteristics [...]

December 2017

Superhot Store | Taubaté Inauguration

Chalenge yourself today There’s only two things that makes us buying: need or desire. But what if the Brand’s concept are presented in a innovative way, providing such pleasant experience that awake another motivation for it ? Our plans go way further than just being a Fitness Clothing store for women. The SUPERHOT | Concept representes a woman empowerment temple. In days where “hot” can be a pejorative attribution for women, we want to show the whole world that we can [...]

October 2017

Luz Herrera | Superhot Athlete

Luz started her journey by studying about health and nutrition in Colombia. Her focus was at first modeling and maintaining a nice body for herself. As she learned more about food Luz decided to become a licensed nutritionist. The stars have lined up and this time show the boldness and strength of the Superhot woman, no matter the sign! Our model Luz Herrera incarnated in the personality of some signs of power of the zodiac and illustrated the most daring [...]

August 2017

Superhot Warrior

Superhot Warrior The Superhot woman is brave. She is a strong and fearless woman who rises to fight against all odds, wins any battle and conquers new spaces. The Superhot woman is determined and attractive as she is. Help us build our homage to all women. Wait for more news!

Danila Lima Ambassador

Superhot Ambassador Danila Lima My name is Danila Lima, unofficial athlete, but athlete in soul, whatever the sport. For me, training has never depended on time or place. I was always competitive and always loved to challenge my limits. I love sports: Boxing, Muay Thai, Street Racing, Swimming, Bodybuilding, have always been part of my routine. I currently set up a studio in my home where I practice functional training and boxing. I’m a motivated person. When I’m 70, I’ll be the [...]

My Sporty Shop | USA

Hello , I’m Desi and welcome to MySportyShop, where fitness meets fashion. Here you will find the finest active-wear Brazil has to offer. I created MySportyShop in order to make Brazilian fitness fashion available to my fellow action girls. MySportyShop focuses on bringing sexy fitness wear to the active modern woman. We are dedicated to women’s exercise needs and we are always looking for the best new activewear for you. We have the workout clothes you need to help you stay fit and look [...]